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We have 13+ Years of Experience.

Helping people get leaner, stronger and move better all while building there confidence to become the person they want to.

We are a training studio that offers group and personal coaching that is focused on delivering you the results to become the best version of yourself

" Everyone has their individual struggles in life. What separates those who succeed from those that fail is our own ability to identify our struggles and see them as challenges we can overcome rather than obstacles dragging us down "

Buildabody co-owners Kieran Duffy & Daniel Thompson have been coaching and training in the Hutt Valley for over 10 years. ​During that time we discovered not everyone is comfortable reaching out for help, for people to really get the results they want they needed to be comfortable the needed to be coached. 

We built a unique team training environment, a dedicated group of coaches so every time one of our members walks in the door they are coached & supported, taking a step towards their own goals every day! 

We are two very different individuals, with very different upbringings and struggles. Before our paths crossed at small community gym called Uptown Fitness, drugs, alcohol, insecurities, belonging, and dealing with unrealistic expectations of ourselves and others were battles we had begun to overcome. We were ready to forge our own path on our own terms, we just needed an environment that would foster our potential. 

In 2009 a local gym owner took a chance on 2 young men both struggling to break through in an industry we loved but also did not naturally fit into, a couple of misfits bucking the trend of the flashy trainers jumping on board the latest weekly trend, what has now been replaced by gym selfies and social media influencers, a world we still do not fit into. Over the better part of 5 years we built a sense of belonging, a knowledge base and a culture that would shape the foundations that became Buildabody. Even though our paths would eventually separate, the bond created at that pokey, run down, hole in the wall gym would last with us much, much longer. 

In 2013 when Uptown finally shut its doors and a larger commercial group came in we instantly noticed a shift in focus and a change in culture. Uptown was no longer a home, people became faces, faces become dollar signs. Trainers who were often poorly qualified or not qualified at all, lacking basic understanding and caring for their clients in favor of just destroying someone because that’s what they thought was a good training session was a rude wake up call and exposure to what we knew the industry had become but had isolated ourselves away from the state of the fitness industry in New Zealand.

​Buildabody was born to stand out, born to flip the middle finger to this crazy world of social media fitness influencers, to bring a higher level of skilled and experienced trainers together to deliver an experience each and every time someone walks in our doors, we wanted to restore integrity and confidence back into the industry, most of all we wanted to build a home for everyone who doesn’t fit into a mold, everyone looking for somewhere that sees them, their needs, is tired of globo gyms who just treat you as another faceless member… just the way we had experienced it growing up at Uptown. Over a decade of training we have taken our experiences and built firstly an environment that nurtures habits and builds confidence in people. A method of getting results built on smart training principles, we call it the B.A.B METHOD.

One on One Road Mapping

This is the most powerful session of the programme. Here your coach is going to breakdown your why? Build a connection to your outcomes that will drive you to succeed. Establish a plan to achieve your outcomes.  


You'll have full access to our small group sessions to overhaul your physique. Daily tasks to improve heart health & address day to day niggles like low back pain, tight shoulders and chronic fatigue. 

Accountability Coaching

At BAB, we dont leave our members to their own devices. We coach and mentor you weekly. Over the first 4 weeks you will receive weekly check-ins for progress tracking to ensure you continue to move forward towards your goals.

Success stories

Buildabody is one of the best gyms I have ever been a part of. They are so much more than your "regular gym". They are a friendly community that cater to everyone no matter their exercise background, their coaches are very knowledgeable and truly care about your goals and your progress. I would 100% recommend Buildabody

Chantal Hewitt

I have been training with Daniel for over 8 years now and can wholeheartedly recommend him as a highly skilled, focussed and personable trainer. Over the years Daniel has adapted my training programmes to suit my circumstances using what I think are excellent exercise routines. Daniel is professional and friendly, and I would unreservedly recommend him!

Maya Gardner

Never in my life I thought that one day I’d start going to a weight room, but here I am, a newbie. From the very first day of my group sessions I fell in love with the place. Perhaps the equipment is not of the latest fashion, but there are most competent coaches, who provide an excellent training, friendly atmosphere and respectful individual approach to each of us. During the classes they offer us an unimaginable variety of exercises for different muscles group, they are encouraging and supportive sports gurus. And what is very important - they are all just a great bunch of lovely folks.

Strongly recommend! 
Marina Graham

I have been training with Mitchell for a couple of months and feel a different person. I have gained confidence and strength and overall improved balance. Thank you Mitchell for your patience with me as I’m sure training a 70year old cant be very easy!

Linda Brink

I have been working with Kieran for three years now, we work through my having MS and needing to adjust the programme developed depending on the fatigue level at the time. He is patient and I really enjoy the challenging programmes that he has developed!

Kari Patricia

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